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Art Show Recap, New Stuff, Commissions Now Open

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 2, 2014, 3:56 PM
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So I had my first real Solo show last week in downtown San Francisco :) And the reception was a blast! Lots of people came out to see my pieces and I sold one painting, a number of comics and some prints as well! It was a wonderful turn out which is always a big fear any artist has (nobody comes!) haha but nope it was a full house :) And let me just say I have to give a huge thanks to friends, artists, and fans who support my work...I know I'm not exactly the fastest when it comes to updates but the fact you stick around and look at my stuff means a lot. Heres a few (grainy bad) pics of the event:

Gallery2 by Comickpro

Gallery1 by Comickpro

That being said, I have a bunch of new pieces Ive been doodling on that should show up soon. A creature demon called "Playa", a new Fibble and Sin drawing, some watercolor experiments, SAHU part 5, a digital painting or two that have been wips, and oh yes make sure you watch my "scraps" if you want to see the recent sonic doodles medley I've been on recently heh.


LASTLY, I'm knee deep in a SUPER SECRET Skitzo the Bear surprise project that has been taking up 3-4 months of my time off and on, and its getting closer to becoming a reality (and a proper announcement), but the final hurdle is my finances and I need to make some cash to get to the next stages. SO I'm opening up commissions! Below is a list of prices for different mediums I do. Just send me a PM with what you want drawn and which price, and I'll send you my Paypal. Once I get payment I will start work on the piece and send it to you via email (if its digital) or real post (if its traditional). Thanks!!


Pencil Sketch 4x6 cardstock. (mailed post)

$15 example: Pencil


Inked Sketch with Gray Shading (emailed or post)

$15 examples, this can be digital or tradtional: Ink1  Ink 2


Colored Digital Art/Paintings. (emailed)

$25  small size/simple. example: ex1 

$45 larger/more complex. example: ex2


Acrylic Paintings on wood panel (mailed post)

$35-75 Small size examples: Wood-small

$50-125 Medium size example: Wood-medium


Acrylic Paintings on Canvas (mailed post)

A custom painting of your own character/scene or something of my own design if you only have a general theme in mind. These are large paintings fitted with grommets to hang on a wall with nails.

 $300-500.  2x3 ft  4x4 ft 

 $1200-$2800  7x8 ft

 $2500-3200 12x6 ft 


Small 3D sculptures. (mailed post)

$35+  One Character-4" tall. Ex1

$50+  One Character-8" tall.  Ex2


I can also do short animated loops and small animated icons but all prices for these differ so ask me what you have in mine and I can give you a qoute. :)

If you want to help with just a paypal donation...I'll take that as well and send you a special thank you goodie in the mail if you include your address in the notes!  DONATE


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latieraeve Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
DO you have like a calender in case im randomly on the other coast and in the same place you are? 
*attempts to win lottery to buy all the things*
Comickpro Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I think I'll be at the Sf zinefest in July and then the Latino comics expo in san jose in Oct ...but that's all I've got at the moment heh :b I'll be sure to announce any new things along the way!
Apocalypse1415 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
$2,500-$3200 for a Painting like that?  

*faints, legs up, then drooling*
Comickpro Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Haha yeah thats the usual running price for an original painting thats so HUGE....but I do offer smaller prints of the pieces for cheaper if a person is interested but cant afford to own the real piece :)
Apocalypse1415 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wish I have one with my characters... and a bigger wall... and my own house...
Comickpro Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
haha well some day right? ;]
Apocalypse1415 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
if I win big at the slots at casinos... probably.

Then buy a good mansion, then pay you to make portraits to make my home look more... yeah XD
javierhernandez Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Professional Artist
Congrats on your recent show. I heard from Ricardo that he really enjoyed the event.

You're right about us artists being paranoid that no one will attend our events, though! Looking forward to enjoying more work from you.

And I just read your updates at the end of your post: Eating a chicken sandwich and enjoying a Root Beer float! Now I'm hungry!
Comickpro Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks Javier!! Yeah Ricardo came by with Rosalind :D it was so nice of them to stop by! haha and i know right?? I had this nightmare the day before that the gallery had a fire and all the work burned and then nobody came to the show hahah it was my anxiety playing tricks on me. But of course none of that happened and the opening was the most ecstatic feeling i ever had; I was on cloud 9 just enjoying the whole event! :boogie: 

lol yeah I went to this sandwich and burger place and when i saw they made home-brewed root beer floats...I HAD to have one hahaha. And it was very good i will be going back again for sure ;b
javierhernandez Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Professional Artist
That sandwich and burger joint sounds good! May have to coax you into taking me there next time I'm in town..... Hug 
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