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September 9, 2010
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In The Dark Iss. 2 Pg2 by Comickpro In The Dark Iss. 2 Pg2 by Comickpro
Page 2

Some new info comes to light as Fibble is getting dragged away. Also this is the first appearances of unicorns heh. You can see the one drawing I posted of them a loooong time ago here: More pages coming soon!

NEXT PAGE: [link]


[link](Read from the beginning of the comic here).
Drawn on Bristol board with Ink
In the Dark (c) Crystal Gonzalez
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nothing like the good 411 on intel >o> .. well bad intel for Fibble
I though I had posted a comment on this before... eh, better late then never

Wow such deductive skills and investigation work! :O
A demon detective? Awesome! :D
Now that's an interesting character! :lol:

I'm toooootally exited to see what we'll get to see of this character in the future. :)
Surely there's a lot to be explored here, I'm totally certain of that,
it's not like this character would, like, instantly die in the next page. :roll:

...and now to check on the next page of this comic. :P
Comickpro Sep 20, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
haha I get the feeling you saw the next page prior to this part! ;) but yeah he was a cool demon guy with some skills! too bad that down here brains is not all its cracked up to be...
UltraTheHedgetoaster Oct 8, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
well, as I said, thought I'd already written a comment before, then went back to check what I wrote when the next page popped up in my inbox.
Hm. Does he at least get some last famous words, or something? :?

And say... when a demon dies... where does it go? :?
Comickpro Oct 9, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
I figure a demon's evil essence is amalgamated to the bigger demon that ate it. If it was not eaten (like if he was crushed by a rock as an example) then the essence turns into smaller things like evil birds and other little demons which get eaten in time by bigger ones and so forth.
ah, the circle of life ^^;
Comickpro Oct 10, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
circle of EVIL. heh
demonjack123 Sep 17, 2010  Student Filmographer
Awesome!!! your so creative :)
lalala2yaha2 Sep 16, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have to say... I feel so bad for Fibble, poor guy just wished it was all a taco-filled dream
Comickpro Sep 16, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Tacos?! lol I would imagine ice cream or pizza to be his choice of dream-induced foods :D
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