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January 26, 2008
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Gluttony by Comickpro Gluttony by Comickpro
Here's Gluttony. My version of this demon is not based on purely eatting, but more like obsessively grabbing everything. One such flaw found in society is the need of coffee even when there is no real thirst. The worms are like extra limbs searching out for more souls to grab and stuff into Gluttony's huge belly... (Which is huge and littered with coffee shops inside his stomach). I have a whole comic based on this idea that Gluttony travels the world swallowing whole coffee shops and taking everyone in it to Hell :)

5 feet x 5 feet. One of my small paintings. Painted with Acrylics on Canvas. (C)2005
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tharailwaydra Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2010
um, just wondering, how did u made the black outlines of the picture look so thin!? like it was drawn by pen >A<
Comickpro Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Use a thin paintbrush and make sure it has a heavy loaded paint so it doesn’t become see-through as you paint the lines on the canvas. Also you need to keep your hand really steady :)
tharailwaydra Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2010
thank-you! ^.^
War-And-Pieces Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2010
Don't we all
tegame Featured By Owner May 28, 2010
ahhh I love it! I wish I could have something like that on my wall :D
Comickpro Featured By Owner May 31, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks! :D
CodWars Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
animals don't go to hell...they get buried in in the backyard...
Comickpro Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
What did that have to do with this picture? Heh
Willhellm Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
"5 feet x 5 feet. One of my small paintings."
You, depress me so much.

I'm lucky if I can paint something 11x7 without it being more than a piece of shit.

But, as always great to see, and It's apparent that you've made a few strides on Gluttony since this painting, after going here via link from page 4 of your comic.
Comickpro Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
=p lol sorry. It was small to me....phft XD I work too large!

Don’t kick your work dude, everyone gets better with practice. I looked at your gallery and I like where it’s going actually. The one called "untitled” with the head spouting through flesh and the phallic symbols is really interesting. It reminds me of Freud’s interpretation that “giving birth” is a dream symbol for things like frustration of emotions and penis envy. Also I see a repeating symbol in your gallery involving a mutilated heart which gives me lots of ideas to interpret about relationships and about inner feelings. So keep it up! :D

Oh and yeah this Gluttony is OLD, but still similar in body for the most part..If you could see more than his head. :lmao: The worms have gone through a series of revisions though since this. (God! Sin looks drawn so bad now XP). But anyways, yup it’s a BIG clue about what’s coming in the next pages lol. Thanks again!
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